Friday, November 28, 2008

What happens in Vegas....Don't worry, NOTHING HAPPENED!!!

We visited Las Vegas two weeks ago with son Spencer and his wife Amy.  We  had a great time. We ate way too much at some fantastic restaurants (Asian, Italian, French, MGM Grand food court).  We saw three great shows which included:


"Phantom" was great.  The theater at the Venetian was constructed specifically for the production and gave you the feeling that you were "IN" a 19th century Paris opera house.  The special effects and pyrotechnics were fantastic.  The guy who played Phantom was good, but when you have listened to Michael Crawford do it for so many years, it's hard not to make comparisons.  Great production.


The highlight of the trip.  Absolutely amazing!  An hour and a half of noise, energy, excitement, and laugh-out-loud fun.  These guys are something else.  This show is totally entertaining and we would recommend it to anyone.  They do things with Twinkies and Cap'n Crunch that are just WRONG!!  Save up and go see BMG!

Afterwards, on the way out, who was in the the lobby?  One of the blue guys who graciously posed with one of his new fans!!! 


WOW!  Pretty amazing.  It's like a circus at the local pool.  It's really something to see what they can do to put on a "circus" in a pool of water.  Great fun and fantastic performances.

We had a great time.  Thanks to Spencer and Amy.  The food was great (although maybe too much), the hotel was fantastic and the shows were amaaaazing!